Visualize your market analysis with TradingView's intuitive charts

Start visualizing market data in a new way using TradingView's advanced charting platform.
Trading View charting and technical analysis platform
About TradingView data visualization platform: get all the tools you need for trading in one place
TradingView is an analytical trading platform and social network for traders, designed for developing and testing trading systems on any type of assets, as well as for discussing ideas, sharing experience and developing one's own brand. The platform allows you to get real-time information about trading assets, develop unique indicators and copy strategies, and much more. The platform is a provider of reliable real-time data on financial and currency markets.
Advanced charts of the TradingView platform
TradingView charting tools: use convenient charts
TradingView offers many chart drawing tools to help you highlight and analyze important levels, zones and patterns on a price chart. Some of the basic drawing tools include:

Trend Lines - allow you to draw lines on the chart to highlight trends and support/resistance levels.
Horizontal and vertical lines - used to mark specific price levels or time points.
Shapes and Zones - allow you to create various technical analysis shapes on the chart, such as rectangles, triangles and ellipses.
Fibonacci Levels - a technical analysis tool widely used in trading to identify potential support and resistance levels on asset price charts.
Create or use ready-made trading strategies, there are really a lot of them on TradingView
Creating indicators, strategies and other trading tools with TradingView

The TradingView platform provides traders with a powerful toolkit for developing and testing custom trading strategies. Users can create their own strategies using the Pine Script programming language, which is a special scripting language for TradingView.

Pine Script allows users to create indicators, strategies and automated trading systems that can be applied to charts on the platform. Users can test their strategies on historical data and optimize them for maximum efficiency.

TradingView gives the opportunity to interact with other traders and investors through various social features on the platform. Users can post their ideas, analyze and comment on the ideas of other participants, as well as subscribe to interesting traders and receive notifications about their activity. This creates a dynamic and interactive community of traders where knowledge can be shared, experience can be exchanged and new trading ideas can be found.
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